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  2. ProffesorSparkles
    Be the cowboy by Mitski :) chromatica by lady gaga Bewitched : the goddess edition by Laufey
  3. Emberfrost12
    All I hear are screams....every time I dare to close my eyes
  4. Emberfrost12
    I've been sleeping with the TV on.....just loud enough to drown out all my thoughts
  5. Emberfrost12
    Suddenly I realize I'm not sleeping...hello? I'm still here
  6. Emberfrost12
    This one is pretty cool too :)
  7. Emberfrost12
    What is the most relatable line from a song? You don't have to say what the song is, just the line
  8. Emberfrost12
    I forgot two! Transdermal Celebration / Ween Byproducts / Ashley Ninelives
  9. Emberfrost12
    I know there's another name for this, but that's what I've heard this category be called, and it really does fit. I don't know how to explain this other than 'canadian soft rock'. Which also doesn't really do it justice. But here we go! I'm also including another genre I don't really have a name for, because the two kinda go together KD & lunch meat / Boy Golden One Week / BNL (that stands for something, I've had people get mad at me for listing the actual name, so that's why :,) ) Little Black Submarines / The black keys Little lion man / mumford and sons Who you once were / Joe Nacco
  10. Emberfrost12
    This one will be super miscellaneous, and all the things I'd categorize as comedy The gay hitchhikers trucker song / Furry Loser Today is gonna be a great day / Bowling for Soup Be gay, do drugs, hail satan / Super Cassette The sidewinder sleeps tonite / R.E.M Mechanical Menagerie / The Cog is Dead Bigger / Foxes and Peppers
  11. Emberfrost12
    What albums have the best cover? Mine would be Commit this to memory / Motion city soundtrack
  12. Emberfrost12
    Streetlight Manifesto - ska, upbeat but also a variety of speeds and feels, they know how to slow down in the middle of a song... Tears for fears - Really raw, much of their songs are just an experience, good at capturing moments Jimmy eat world - Their songs really are good at capturing a moment in time, also an experience, really relatable lyrics
  13. Emberfrost12
    Everything Is Alright / Motion City Soundtrack A cry for help in a world gone mad / Agent Orange Just watch the fireworks / Jimmy Eat World Sweetness / Jimmy Eat World Cry / The Used What's it feel like to be a ghost? / Taking Back Sunday Happy Judgement Day / Neck Deep
  14. Emberfrost12
    Slow burn / bumpin uglies The tears of a clown / the beat The works / tropidelic (tw alcohol) Keasbey Nights / Catch 22 (tw gun violence) Keep on Chasing / less than jake (minor tw drugs) The Pedestrian / Foxboro Hottubs House of Fun / Madness 2nd Youth / Hey-smith Life Won't Wait / Rancid
  15. Emberfrost12
    Listened to it today. It was really good :)
  16. TinyDinos
    Some songs by Ado (not really sure what genre this is but it’s Japanese): Readymade, Gira Gira, Backlight, Odo, and I’m a Controversy Others: ”When You Were Young” and “Mr. Bright side” -The Killers “Dreams”, “Rhiannon”, and “The Chain” -Fleetwood Mac ”Over My Head (Cable Car)” -The Fray All pretty popular. I’ll add more when I think of em.
  17. TinyDinos
    The ever popular and *technically* 70s band (they were created in the early 70s but their peak years were in the 80s) for me has to be Queen. :)
  18. TinyDinos
    Fairly popular, but “Fallen” by Evanescence. It’s Alt Rock.
  19. Aurora
    Great idea! I love discovering new bands/musicians that I've never heard of Here are my suggestions: Patrice - so many great songs to chose from but my three favourites are Soul Storm, Queens and Everyday Good The Parlatones (they are well known in South Africa but less so the rest of the world) - I'm only human
  20. Aurora
    I like them both! I listen to a lot of Indie type music so this is right up my street :)
  21. Emberfrost12
    Ga ga ga ga ga by Spoon Elemental by Tears for Fears Commit this to memory by Motion City Soundtrack
  22. Emberfrost12
    2. Point/counterpoint by graveyard of the atlantic
  23. Catsup
    Just listened to that song to see what you meant, and I thought it was alright! I'm not a heavy rock person (not sure if that falls under heavy rock), but I do really like the name of the artist. :) We'll see you again in a bit!
  24. Emberfrost12
    I have very niche taste, so don't be surprised if these are terrible, but 1. The world you love/jimmy eat world 2. I appear to have run out of computer time. I'll be back in a few hours
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