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Think this would be more appropriate! Anyone is welcome :)
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  2. AshtonBeach
    Yeah we are going to a restaurant later and I get to pick any ideas? They got me stuff from hot topic to sooooo im doing awsome :) I hope your work gets done quickly and easily!
  3. jazzy.sky
    Thank you Ash! Its been going ok so far, got a lot of work to get on with tomorrow so I'm gonna sleep early tonight Hbu? Did u get to chill out with the guys?
  4. jazzy.sky
    Aww Megs I'm so sorry to hear that you're hurt and that Tyrone hasn't been behaving, hurting you and Lily Hopefully he stops and tries to get on well with Lily, and I hope you get well soon and make a speedy recovery!! Sending hugs All good thanks Megs, gonna go to sleep rn but hope you're feeling better rn
  5. AshtonBeach
    Thats good!! how has your weekend been?
  6. jazzy.sky
    Ayeee good too thanks Ash! Glad to hear ur doing good :D
  7. Megs-
    Not great! Injured myself! hey @AshtonBeach @jazzy.sky Sorry for late reply, Tyrone keeps attacking lily and I’ve hurt my knee because of it so been in pain lol. Hru both ?
  8. jazzy.sky
    Hey Megs!! How are you feeling today?
  9. jazzy.sky
    Omg yayyy hope you and the guys enjoy the films!
  10. AshtonBeach
    ooh both of those are on the list! Me and the guys will watch them tonight Heya megs how are you?
  11. jazzy.sky
    Ayeee those are some awesome movies! If you need any other light hearted movies Emperors new groove is so underrated (my fav Disney film) and also Ratatouille is a classic
  12. AshtonBeach
    Ooh we will watch that today we picked this is going to sound verry kidish but rottmnt the movie and frozen lol
  13. Luie
    Players was a good rom com if you're looking for that genre. What did you end up watching?
  14. AshtonBeach
    yeah im good :) only on hour left of scjhool so going to partners place and then will be fine :))
  15. -Aussie-
    I would talk to you, just hop in a convsation if you want, I mean I kinda did that
  16. Megs-
    Oh no! Have you got things that you can use yk? Without going into detail!?
  17. AshtonBeach
    No sadly Im in lunch and they are having a free hour so im stuck for like 2ish more hours :(((((((((
  18. Megs-
    I’ve just come off mine! Mine are so irregular, and I don’t have them often but this one hit so randomly and HURT LIKE A MF! Hugs Ashton! Have you got a hot water bottle?
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