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If you're a gem hunter or just collect them, feel free to share your stones and crystals here! Ask questions about them, rant about ones you want, any gem related content is good game!
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  2. alex_the_chill
    finally someone who knows what gems are good for long term use not just on how pretty they are
  3. 3asy
    Garnets are cool! They also represent strength, friendship, blood, level headedness, and passion. They are quite interesting! Also happy late birthday :}
  4. 3asy
    Sapphires, topaz, emeralds, rubies, garnets, morganites, moissanites, tourmalines, zircons, peridots, citrines, moonstones, spinels, alexandrites, and onyxes are all very good stones for rings! You would have to be more careful when dealing with amethysts, tanzanites, turquoise, lapis lazuli (you can't get water on these by the way, they produce toxins), and pearls as they can scratch easily and aren't very hard.
  5. alex_the_chill
    my favorite gem is garnet because it means calmness and it is my birthstone
  6. alex_the_chill
    i have a lot of rose quartz and and adventurine and what the gem stone i really want is opal because its so damn pretty
  7. 3asy
    My favorite gem is the ruby...it's considered the "royal" gem and has a lot of history...I recommend going to gemsociety.org to get more information on rubies and pretty much any gem.
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