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If you like make-up or a piece of clothing you'd like feel free to create a message on the topic and we can talk! have fun and make friends :)
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  2. Olivia05
    @-Piper maybelline works amazing. I’ve also recently been using e.l.f as well I don’t know what type of makeup you use or anything like that but you could also try L’Oréal or Sephora. I also don’t know what you call expensive makeup as well. I also have sensitive skin so my makeup kind of on the expensive but not too expensive side of makeup tho. Sorry if this didn’t help.
  3. Olivia05
    Express yourself, babe! Don’t let anyone tell what you can and can’t do. It’s your body. If they have a problem with it then they don’t have to hang around you problem solved.
  4. -Penny
    I know a lot of boots makeup is quite cheap but I always find they run out quickly and sometimes they aren’t even very good quality- has anyone found any other good brands?
  5. Lillyx
    happy for you, no one should feel judged we should all be able to feel comfortable in our own bodies :) hey welcome
  6. Daisie
    Absolutely, I feel we should be free to be who we want to be and be able to express ourselves. Just makes me think, in situations like being on TV, films, panto etc, men wear make up in those circumstances without fear of judgement. So absolutely feel it’s ok!
  7. jake
    personally i do wear it sometimes but only a little bit, i do get worried tho incase people judge me for it?
  8. Daisie
    This is such a good idea, although I believe we are all naturally beautiful, it’s nice to show and share creative makeup tips.
  9. Lillyx
    hey guys anyone wanna talk about make up today??
  10. TipsyLisa
    so jealous of u, i get spots sometimes which drives me mad btw i just made a food appreciation club lmao, i invited u to join, that's my other favourite thing to talk about
  11. TipsyLisa
    omg no way! what skincare do u use? there's a cool brand i like called faith in nature, that's really natural u can get it in boots too
  12. TipsyLisa
    boots is so good and superdrug tooo. superdrug have the ditch the label and simple skincare range which is how i found out about DTL dunno if they have it anymore but i loooove simple, their wipes are unreal
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