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What gives parents the right to abuse teachers online?


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I am a class teacher and parents in the school seem to think it's okay to write whatever they feel about me/ my colleagues and my school on Facebook. They use abusive language, critisise my professional ability and include very personal statements.

The headteacher has spoken to them and reminded them of our policies but they take no notice and this only fuels their rant.

I personally do not read the comments but I am constantly informed by other parents who revel in the drama of it all.

As a teacher I spend time delivering lessons against this type of abuse and bullying and how children can deal with it but feel helpless as an adult experiencing it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately the parents responsible are not the type that respond well to "adult discussion" They can become aggressive and are very confrontational.

The school governors have since written to them on behalf of the staff and requested the comments be removed they have also written another letter reminding them of acceptable conduct in the school grounds. Let's hope it does the trick.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey Teachr,

Welcome to Ditch the Label! It sounds like communication has definitely broken down and I know how difficult teacher-parent relationships can be sometimes... Is the content they are posting defamatory or highly abusive? It would be helpful to have an idea of the kind of things they are posting and how often so that I can give you the best possible advice.


I'm sorry you're experiencing this.




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