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What learning research tells your about trauma release

Peter Sander    

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Hi @Peter Sander


Thanks for posting here. We found that actually talking therapies are usually the most effective in getting over or understanding trauma. This is why we encourage our community to share and to tell trusted people in their lives what is going on with them.


We know that just by ignoring something the problem doesn't go away and although it can often be painful reliving trauma, it is a necessary process for healing.



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I found that talking therapies are usually the least effective in creating lasting results. This is why I encourage everyone to work with emotions rather than words. Sharing stories is manifesting them more. This is why teaching makes you understand things better. Also, relying on other people or assumptions of other people led to trauma in the first place, therefore external input is not helping here, only in terms of self help.


It is true, ignoring something pressing does not make it go away, focussing on the pressing feeling and being distant to words does.


All the best and expand your horizon...

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