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I really like a mutual friend

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So my best friend and I were hanging out one day and he introduced me to his neighbor/close friend who I'd never met before. When my best friend went away to talk to his parents I really hit it off with his friend. We have a lot of common interests and she's so cute. I really want to keep seeing her but I don't know how to ask for her number from my best friend. I love him but her gets really weird about LGBT relationships and I don't know if he'd like it if I went after her. Help? (sorry this is really long)

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Hey Jake22 ?


All good, not too long at all.


In situations like these I always find it helpful to think what would I want my best friend to do if the roles were reversed. In your case what would you want him to do?


I think being honest is always a winner, so even though you are not sure quite how to ask. It's important you do and see how he would feel about it. You never know he might surprise you or his reaction might be what you are expecting but either way it will help you decide what to do next and be the best place to make a decision from.


Let me know what you think.


-peach311 ?'?


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