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is it trolling and should i have gotten banned?

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Hey Pineapple101, ?


Thanks for your post, what do you guys think Pineapple101 should do?


Firstly I wanted to share this article with you.




We wrote it to spread the message that trolling behaviour is not ok and look at what games are doing to combat it.


Back to your question, it's human nature to react when we are being provoked but it's important to learn to not lose your cool and retaliate by swearing. Games banning you is there way of monitoring trolling behaviour so regardless of why, swearing at someone during a game is not ok. Block, mute and report where you have to and don't give people who troll the satisfaction of responding with abusive language. Do your best to keep game chats friendly.


Good luck! ??



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Hi thanks for your advice, I'm not banned any more but still get trolled every now and then. Just been responding with some sassy comments sometimes but mostly just ignore the game chats now! No biggie!


Thanks again ? (that's sposed to be a peach, not a butt)

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