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Is he a fake or not?

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Hi everyone,

I've been talking to a guy online first on tinder and then Facebook for a few days but have a bit of a weird feeling he isn't who he says he is 😬😬😬


like it's really weird because he doesn't have many Facebook pics or friends but he says he's real and surely on Tinder they don't let fake people sign up. also i was thinking of messaging one of his friends on Facebook to see if he's real or not but don't know if that's a bit bunny boiler or creepy lol.


any tips or advice on how i can find out?

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Hi Loopyloo,


Listening to your gut instinct is really important, especially when it comes to social media where it is very easy to make fake profiles. Wanting to find out if this guy is real does not make you a bunny boiler it's actually very smart of you to not just assume he must be real because he is on Tinder. Like Jake said all you need to sign up for Tinder is a Facebook profile real or fake it doesn't matter.


Ultimately, if your doubting it - you're most likely right about it and there are steps you can take to find out. Put his name into google and see what comes up, is there any credible information about him? Also check his posts, if no one has ever posted, not even a Happy Birthday that is a major red flag and you can also do a reverse image google search. If you are not sure how to do this, have a look at this guide which breaks it down as well as other tips for dealing with a potential, ?catfish'.




Good luck



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