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If somebody is using my photo on Tinder is that cyberbullying?

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THAT is messed up?

In my opinion, I wouldn't say it was cyberbullying, i would say thats (i forgot the word now, but its not bullying).

Message him (im guessing its a him) and ask him out about it.... tell him to take the pic down bc ur setting false expectations for girls. (I can tell u from a girl's point of view- I would be PISSED if someone i thought looked like a guy i like and then shows up and is a COMPLETELY different person)





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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey sunnyla,

Some great advice from cutebadass. I would agree that it isn't directly cyberbullying, unless they are pretending to be you in order to do something to upset you. It does count as impersonation though. There is information on how to report a profile for impersonation to Tinder here:




Hope that helps!


Harper :)


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Hi Sunny!


Great advice from Harper!


What they are doing is known as "cat fishing" and that is not ok.

Have you tried reporting the profile? usually apps are pretty good with dealing with these issues and will get rid of the profile!


Do you have any idea of who it might be?


- Mariumi x

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