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You are not alone. 💜


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Hey Guys,


January can be a tricky time of year for loads of reasons but especially if you're going back to school, college, uni or work and are dealing with being bullied where ever or however it's happening. 😬


Being bullied sucks, it sucks because most of the time we feel totally powerless to stop it. It sucks because we end up feeling like it's our fault. It sucks that there is no magic solution to make it stop. Being bullied is painful and lonely. It leaves you wondering if what they/he/she is saying is true. 😢


If you are feeling any of this today please don't give up. We are here for you and you can get through it. This is your space to talk about it and get the support you deserve. Don't wait for another second, start talking if you aren't, keep talking if you are and never forget you are not alone. 👊🏼


Sending so much positivity and support your way. 💖


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