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Bisexual Talk space

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Anyone who is bi and is feeling like they are alone you have support
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  2. Hi, I am Addie I go by a.c its a funny nn. I like Smiley faces Doves Salsa (my ferret) dancing singing pop music stranger things LOVE GOLDFISH
  3. Hey Im Cadence I enjoy.... Art Hard rock animals gaming staying up late talking DND Food
  4. Hi! I am @sflowergirl I enjoy... acting reading (a LOT) doing art (of all kinds singing acting dancing...) I LOVE dogs I am an aquarius (feb 13 is my birthday) I sticker bomb everything I own that can be sticker bombed (putting stickers on things) I made my profile picture on dtl @sflowergirl
  5. I am Kassy A follower IG Reading, drawing, painting, etc....
  6. I am Apmoto the leader of this group who loves to write songs, write stories, and dance

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