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  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. My bad~ I was too busy falling for them to realize everyone else dipped out when we did :}
  3. We pretty much all joined to rp with you two-
  4. Wait, seriously? :0 I didn’t even check~ We need to get this tribe moving again; I didn’t know everyone just stopped when we left (oops) :}
  5. Haha, talk about a name drop :P Don’t worry, I’m not mad lol I haven’t done role play that much because most of the time, I was doing it with the non-binary hooman and they haven’t been around for a while I would be open to giving it another shot though if we want to get a group of people together :)
  6. They said they wanted a restart; But I'm going to tell you who, and hope they aren't mad, because I can't ask them privately... @Goldfish?
  7. Hmmmmmm, is it someone I regularly speak with? Or someone recent? Or just in the past months? TvT
  8. Oo, hMmMM- have I met them on the diff username yet?
  9. I'm gonna give you a hint; Redrobin is back under a different username, they haven't been too active yet. I'm not sure about the non-binary hooman
  10. Do u guys know when they'll be back? I was reading my first topic on this website but then I started wondering where those two went TvT
  11. We haven't done anything since Redrobin and the non-binary hooman left
  12. I had some subconscious problems with DTL after my over protective parents were checking every site I’ve been on and they asked me about this one and I was forced to come out as bi :/ so I kind of had a mini tantrum because I wasn’t ready and I stopped coming back to DTL without @The_Non-Binary_Hooman being here :| You were smarter than I and stayed on even when they left :)

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