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Rat People

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Hey hey hey, if you love rats then this is your place to be if you want rats feel free to ask for advice here, and if you own rats feel free to share
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  2. If you have any questions ab ur rats drop them here. One of mine is why don't my rats sit still? I have 4 and none of them will cuddle with me. I see other rats cuddle their human all the time but mine are so hyper they dont want to sit there with me.
  3. So any ideas on this? just drop them down below. I know pea fishing is fun, as well as walking them on a leash and teaching them tricks. Anything else tho?
  4. I have never had a dog or a cat, my little siblings are walking hurricanes and now matter how hard or long I clean the house is the same or worse within two days, so I got small things that all have their own private work
  5. omg thats adorable! my brother has a bearded dragon named puff haha. and i have three cats, ernie, roxie, and charlie, and a dog named shadow
  6. Oh yes I do! Two geckos Odin and Zeus, a fish named Bubbles, Bolt the bullfrog and an American toad named Osiris (if you want to learn more try and find my blog
  7. oh right right gotcha yeah babies that would be a handful haha do you have any other pets?
  8. we already had a boy and bought her (we now know taht she is a girl) and we dont want babies
  9. that's exciting! why did you not want a girl? personally i like male animals more usually but im curious if you have some other reason
  10. I just got to new rats Saturday but we might have a problem as we might have accidentally got a girl so I am waiting to find out for sure before I post about them
  11. hi :) i don't currently have a rat, but i used to have two. unfortunately they died while i was away from home for a few weeks because i think they ate something they werent supposed to. i noticed your tribe was only you, so i thought i would join and maybe make a friend! i want to get another rat, but i still live at home with my mom, and we already have four pets so she doesnt want anymore
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