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  2. That's great that you just happen to be learning it. No worries if you weren't though because they have the English audio as well.
  3. Oooo thank god I'm learning Swedish rn
  4. I have already watched young royals twice, and I will probably watch it again because it's SO GOOD. The actor that plays Simon has the voice of an angel and the chemistry of the leads is out of this world. The show itself makes me kind of angry, but Wilhelm and Simon are one of the cutest couples. I am just waiting for another show like that one to come by.
  5. Young Royals is a really good LGBTQ show on Netflix. It’s in Swedish though
  6. I haven't watched any new seasons so I'll have to catch up, but yeah from what I've watched before it is a really good series.
  7. No, but I have heard great things about the new season. I heard its very weird and crazy.
  8. Ikr, have u ever watched Stranger things?
  9. They really are some great shows. Heartstopper will really hit home though. Its really one of the best shows Netflix has created in a while. It just makes you feel warm inside. Besides, who doesn't love love.
  10. I have just looked up The order & Trinkets, they look like interesting shows to watch
  11. Tbh I don't think I have seen Heartstopper so when I get Netflix I'll try watching it, I looked it up and ngl it looks interesting.
  12. Well, if you haven't seen Heartstopper, it is MUST SEE. Other shows that are really good: Manifest, Never Have I Ever, The Order, Trinkets, and a bunch more (I have watched a lot of netflix shows lol).
  13. Alr, ima get Netflix soon again so I'll be looking for a new show as well (well when I get it)
  14. Well, I might go back and watch an episode just to feel it out. I'm sure some cool new show will come out soon on Netflix.
  15. And tbh I watched this like a year ago
  16. Ooo, you could go back and watch the rest (if u want)
  17. I actually have, but I kind of stopped after season 3. I just felt like the show was getting slow. Should I go back and watch it again? Did it get any better?
  18. Have you ever watched Riverdale? If not I highly recommend it, it is a really good series I enjoyed watching.
  19. I have watched heartstopper 3 times now, and now I need a new TV show to obsess over for the summer. Any Ideas?
  20. Thanks! Will defo give it a go
  21. ive been really enjoying snowpiercer recently, idk if that's undderated but it's so goood!!
  22. Hey everyone, I've been wanting to watch some new and exciting tv shows as I have already watched most of the popular ones on Netflix. Was just wondering if any of you have any underrated tv shows I can watch? Thanks!
  23. Not netflix but the morning show on apple tv is epic
  24. I like horror, adventure, maybe a bit of action. Fantasy especially!

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