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Do you like music? Or dance? Or drama? Or anything like that? Then welcome to EXPRESS! Where you can chat about literally anything related to art. Enjoy! This photo was taken by: Photo by Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash!
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  2. Waterparks is really fun, but not really one genre per say. I will always promote YUNGBLUD and Panic! at the Disco too
  3. Everyone drop their fav songs. I'm looking for new genres or great songs from genres I already know. I like rap and rock a lot, sometimes r&b. I would appreciate suggestions from those categories or maybe even new genres. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone of you ever tried freelancing your art? I am trying to do that and just want to gain some insight.
  5. Hi! I feel like I haven't talked or anything in a while. How is everyone?
  6. OFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so good :')
  7. I love that gif! Your motto is amazing!! Have you listened to Lover, by Taylor Swift? It's really inspirational!
  8. Spread the Love! Add messages for others to read and make them smile! You are enough. Don't let anyone tell you your not.

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