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  2. 1) What are your favourite games (on any platform), and why do you like them? 2) Do you prefer playing games on mobile, console, pc, or something else? 3) What's your favourite animation style to play in?
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  4. I play ROBLOX and I’m really good at paintball and tower of hell and flee the facility
  5. In my opinion, Minecraft is so much better than Fortnite, you can do so many more things and it is SO much more enjoyable: yo can create so much! What's your opinion? (THERE IS A RED AUTOCORRECT LINE UNDER FORTNITE AND NOT MINECRAFT LMAO)
  6. Thought this might be a good thread to offer recommendations or good tips for people who are looking to upgrade, or buy gaming accessories. Such as headsets, joypads, controllers, gaming chairs etc. I would say my headset for PS4 is typically really good called Song Official Gold Headset (Wireless).
  7. Great tip on the adventure game as I am really keen on those type of games. I still play a game on the OC which is called Zeus: Master of Olympus, not sure if you have ever heard of it? Think you would technically call it a strategy game, but it is mainly about building and earning money for the town and proceed into next levels.
  8. Has to be PlayStation for me.
  9. Hi, I’m new to this community, but video games are something I can talk about. I realize this thread is a bit old, but I have some recommendations. I don’t own a PlayStation, but I do own a PC, so my suggestions will be for PC. First, Minecraft (you’ve probably heard of it/possibly played it) is a fantastic chill game. It has peaceful and creative modes (no enemies/conflict) and a limitless amount of fun things to do, especially if you like to get creative! Second, I want to recommend a small adventure game called Journey. No game has made me as emotional as Journey, it’s a really touching experience but I don’t want to spoil it. Third, I’m a huge strategy game fan. If you want something less real-time, Civilization is a fantastic series. The premise is that you play as a famous historical leader, guiding your people through history to achieve victory (which can be done in many ways). It’s a turn based game with many hours of fun to be had! It may be turn based, but it’s very addictive and it can be hard for me to stop playing. Still a great game! However, I should note that you can wage war in this game. The violence is far from graphic but I feel as though it is important to mention. Furthermore it can be a little daunting at first, but different difficulty settings help counteract that. Another popular peaceful game is stardew valley. It wasn’t my cup of tea but it’s a game about farming. It’s beloved by many who enjoy peaceful video games. You might enjoy it!
  10. Tired? It might be because I just woke up but I am not understanding
  11. From the same company and along the note of some violence is Skyrim but instead of guns you get to use bows and swords and magic and has a great story line you get to fight dragons and bandits and you get to help, or hurt almost every NPC and most of the time you can choose to hurt or help them, but beware it is a bit of an older game as it came out in 2011 but it has been remastered and released a few different time ( like upcoming in November for the anniversary addition ) and if you want to make it smoother there are tons of mods that do that!!!! If you can’t tell I am a major Skyrim fan I can speak some of the dragon language sing the title song in the dragon language have the entire three hour sound track on my phone and a Skyrim map hanging in my bedroom I have also beat the game three times ( and that’s just counting beating the main story line I have beat all of the other stories many more times than that ) so if you do decide to play it I can help out
  12. i mean there is some shooting in it but i think you might like fallout, its a huge adventure game. its post war but i think a really strong storyline
  13. SO I'm relatively new to gaming. Would love any recommendations. ATM I have playstation and also my PC. I like calm games that aren't on timers or where you don't have to kill people. I also like adventures too.
  14. switch for meee! love playing smash bros, sora is in it yesss!!!
  15. What's your favourite? Console or PC?

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