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  2. what sorta thing do you cook ember? i like cooking noodles and stir fry the most atm
  3. I cook…when I get home from school and am hungry.
  4. I love trying to cook new things- i dont think i am very good but its a fun challenge
  5. I love fruit, especially exotic fruit! However, kiwi fruit is right up there, closely followed by melon!
  6. I don’t hate the flavor but I wouldn’t eat it if I didn’t have to
  7. Do you like the flavor?? (of bananas) Because if so then thats how my mum is about them too
  8. I don’t really know, but my dad cuts watermelons in half, cuts each of the halves in half (so there’s four pieces total) and cuts those pieces up so there’s a bunch of slices of watermelon (they look kind of like pizza slices!)
  9. Ahhh, what a fantastic tip! I will definitely try this, I might look about strange in the supermarket tapping watermelons Is there a quick way to cut them into slices or is it a case of just completely go for it?
  10. It’s very sweet! I learned this trick that if you tap the bottom of the watermelon, and it makes a deep hollow sound, that means it’s good.
  11. Interested to know what your favourite are… I will start us all off. Eat in restaurant has to be something like Pizza Hut And takeaway is Chinese food!
  12. Yum great choices! Never tried watermelon before.. I must give it a go. It looks like it’s sweet though?
  13. My favorite fruits are watermelon and apples! There aren’t really any fruits that I hate, but I don’t like the texture of bananas. Oh and I like pineapple and mango too! And coconut is amazing when I’m able to get it
  14. I’ve never heard of this! What do you recommend putting in it?
  15. I absolutely love Bibimbap, which is like a korean rice bowl! You can put sooo much in it and its kinda healthy lol!
  16. You’re very welcome. Ahh bless you.. If you ever need a chat any time, you know we have mentors on hand to chat with.
  17. I ❤ cucumbers!! (but not as much as the person im with :'))
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