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Trying to come out again to homophobic parents how can I stay strong


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Hey there @Brissyarmy26


Welcome to our community, we're glad you found us.


So you say come out again, what happened the first time you came out to them?


Make sure you have support and tell at least one adult that you trust before you tell your parents. This could be a teacher, someone from your extended family or a friend’s parent. This will give you a safe space to turn to if your parent’s reaction is hostile and help you feel stronger going into it. Also, make sure you're safety is paramount, if you think they might be in any danger or you may not have somewhere to stay then please wait until you do.


Sometimes parents need time to process the information, do you have a friend you could stay with for a few days if you needed to? Your parents may initially be shocked and then come round to the idea.


Remember you are not alone and your sexuality is completely natural.


We're here for you if you need us.




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