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Hello, I'm new here.


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My name is, ok whatever my name may be. Does it really matter? I am a 18 year old simple girl living in this stupid ass 21st century world and I don't know where I really fit in, I am a poet and I have a personal blog where I post all my poems through which I express my emotions and thoughts and just whatever. I'm not anything great, but yeah. Right now, as of this moment in my life, I've just started off this new path to find self love. So here goes nothing I guess.

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Hey there ADXTXX,


Welcome to our community, we are so happy you've found us!


Thank you so much for sharing this here with us. How amazing that you're a poet, I'd love to read some of your poetry. :)


I'm so glad you are on a path to self-love, I encourage people to try and so this so much and your right it is a path, a journey, that takes some time but so glad you are taking the first steps to self-love.


I'll reply to your other post on the other thread.



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