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I'm still so angry with my ex, how do I get over this?


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My ex and I were together for 5 years and were moving in together when he ended it out of the blue. He kicked me out of his house, promised we'd speak about it in person another time and then ended it by text, deleted me from everything and refused to speak to me as if I never existed. I'm over the relationship but I'm really struggling to move on as I'm just so angry that he could treat me that way and got away with it. Turns out he was with another girl a month later who he had met about 6weeks before he ended it so I understand that may be the reason but I've never had any answers and I'm wary to reach out to him again

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Hey @Rem


Welcome to community. Thank you so much for sharing this here.


5 years is a long time, your feelings over this matter are completely valid. It takes a long time for our hearts to heal again after heartbreak and you have to be patient with yourself. It will heal and each day will get a little easier.


He betrayed you, which also makes you feel insecure and vulnerable and being 'ghosted' is so so bad for our mental health but it wasn't your fault, remember that.


I know you want to seek closure but maybe it's something you won't even get from him. I would suggest you surround yourself with people that love and appreciate your value.


Do you have anything that can keep your mind of it all at the moment, until you are at a point where you can think about forgiveness?



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