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Do I have to come out?


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So I recently found out I was bi (mostly gay tough) and I came out to one friend of mine and it went well. But that got me thinking about coming out to my homophobic family.I don't plan on doing it now that's not a good idea since I'm still in high school I think I should wait to do that. But then I think : what if I don't do it? I mean do I have to? Sure I'll tell friends but do I really have to tell my family. To some the answer might be obvious but I think I wouldn't be able to handle it emotionally. I know for a fact that my family is gonna look at it the wrong way and I can't imagine them understanding me. Also my sexuality makes up a tiny fraction of my personality so maybe it's not that big of a deal. I'm still me nothing really changes. It doesn't mean you don't know me since everyone lies about a lot of things right?

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Hello Random,


Welcome to Community and thank you for asking this question here as it is something that is asked a lot.


The answer is, you only have to come out if you want to and you don't have to at all. You have already come out to friends which is fantastic. But no if you feel as though you don't want your family to know, you don't have to tell them.


We always say that when coming out, your safety is paramount and if you are unsure about how they would react then if you do decide to come out then you should wait until you have somewhere to live or can be financially dependent.


As you say, for you, your sexuality is just one part of you, but some people find that it is something they like to share with their family and if, in the future, you have a partner you may want to introduce them to your family.


The decision is entirely yours.



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