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cyber hassle


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Hey guys - I need ideas here! I'm getting a load of horrible comments on social media, on EVERYTHING! Like Facebook twitter Insta etc... Maybe I'm being too sensitive but they are actually hurtful. Stuff about my weight from random people who have no reason to be mean.


Do I reply or do I ignore? If so, what do I say'!


reply with ideas on what to do plz!


thanks x

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey bdawg,

I'm sorry that you're going through this. I know what it feels like so can completely relate. It's best to not retaliate, although I can understand why you would feel like doing that Pineapple101. Retaliating can often make things much worse. Do you know these people offline?


So that I can give you the best advice, what have you already tried to do to rectify? We've actually done research on this and know that those who bully others are usually doing it because they are going through a difficult time and not dealing with it properly, so please don't think of yourself as the problem because you definitely aren't.




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Hi Harper,


Thnx for the advice. I don't know them IRL but I know them online. I think you're right tho, probably best to just ignore them. Its just kinda embarrassing when it looks like I'm not standing up for myself.... don't really want to do what Pineapple101 said either though!



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Hey guys,


So here's what I think. ??


B-dawg you have nothing to be embarrassed about despite their best efforts to get a reaction out of you, people posting horrible comments are the ones with the issue not you.


There are many different ways to stand up for yourself because ultimately there are many different scenarios where we might need to. In this case I think actively making the decision not to retaliate or engage with them is the best way forward.


Here's why, we can't control other people and it's a waste of time to try. More often than not it only inflames the situation. It leaves you open to more abuse. You deserve to protect yourself by choosing not to engage with people who have deliberately set out to hurt you. It's our egos that want us to have the last word and put people in their place. You just focus on you and being the kind of person you want to be and let their behaviour be a reminder of who you don't want to be. Delete rude comments, block where you need to and make sure your online environment is filled with what matters to you and let go of what doesn't. ??


Sending positivity ?'??




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