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My family thinks me being bisexual is a phase


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So, I was knew I liked girls but I thought it was just crushes but then I met a girl and she made me realize I like girls A LOT including her so in my freshman yr of high school I came out as bi to my friends and family, while my friends supported me my family didn’t the would call me “super straight” “fake girl liker” “fake bisexual” etc and I’m a junior in high school now and it’s been going on since i came out and this has lead me not to tell anyone about the girl crushes I have i don’t even want to my friends about the girls i like i only talk to them about boys. What do I do? 

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Hey there,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear about the things your family were saying. I know that tone can be lost online when things are explained, and I’m wondering, why do you think they were saying these things? Do you think they were accepting of you and just joking, or did it feel like they were uncomfortable with it at all? 


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