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The lil gremlin is here tooooo

Leo B. Fall Β  Β 

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Ay yooo-

It's your lil gremlin: Leo. I found out about this place from TS(TrevorSpace), and decided to join this as, as some of you know, TS can be pretty crazy and chaotic. I'm known as "That Gremlin Named Leo", on TS. I'm on AVEN too, with the same name as here. My goal on TS is to improve my mental health, and to help me gain healthy coping mechanisms, and make some friends. On AVEN I plan on being more social- and for here it's a combination of both. I plan on focusing on the positives here more often, like how to prevent stuff instead of the stuff TS is usually filled of.

I'm currently in high school, sophomore specifically. I like reading(any genre, currently reading Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee by Dee Brown), drawing, writing short stories as well as song lyrics, sailing(only sailed once, but 10/10 would do again), singing, any kind of music, anime/manga(all time favorite is Naruto : >) and some more stuff I can't think of right now(hobby wise).Β I love the color green, any kind of green- 9/10 I'll like it.Β I love sushi, sandwiches, and salads. I love orange juice, coffee, and Monster, and I hoard stuffed animals.

I use a lot of pronouns, as I'm agenderflux which means gender very rarely says hello, and if it does, it's a xenogender most of the time. Or a demigender combo with a xenogender. I use it/xe/they mainly however please mix it up with other neopronouns! (https://en.pronouns.page/@L30-)

I look forward to make some friends. Have a good day/night, do your best to be safe : )

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