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*As written on my Young Writers Society account AriannaC*


WOW! I just had a negative experience with the suicide hotline and a self harm hotline.


So I called the National Suicide hotline seeking advice and support. I wasn't feeling like killing myself or anything, just trying to make sure that I don't. So I told the man who answered my story and how I feel and because I'm a minor, he said the only thing I can do is talk to my parents. When I told him I cant trust my parents and it was already hard enough to talk to him, he said I was wasting his time. THANK GOD I wasn't actually considering suicide. Idk how I would have reacted to that. Honestly, that is such a stupid thing to say on a suicide line.



So I called a self harm hotline next hoping to seek support there. This time it was a lot better. The guy listened and was open minded but because of my ability to feel things in the spirit realm, he automatically made up his mind that I am schizophrenic. I'm not btw. I've been to countless doctors since I was 5 and we would have picked it up if something like that was going on. He also claimed schizophrenia is a type of epilepsy. Idk if I can trust this guy...


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Hey Ari,


Oh wow-- thanks for sharing. Is this what you wrote, or is this someone else's story?


I had heard good things about the hotlines. I'm disappointed to hear these stories.


It was definitely not professional of the person from the self-harm hotline to 'diagnose' anyone. That's not their place.


Is there something you would hope to be done about these people in the hotlines? What could they have done better?




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