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please give me some advice, im scared to come out to my mum


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ive known I'm bi for around 2 years, I have a girlfriend and I want to go to prom with her but I would have to come out to my mum first. only problem is that she's one of the most homophobic people you could meet. I remember her telling me that ' i'd better not turn out to be a f*g or she'd beat me up and kick me to the curb '. I was 6 at the time. I'm 15 now and I can still remember that evening like it was yesterday. lately I haven't been able to sleep because ive been that worried and it's impacting my grades at school. if she kicks me out I have no family to go to and I only have superficial friends who wouldn't take me in. my girlfriends parents don't know either so I can go there.


if anyone has any advice please contact me because I'm really stressing out about this.

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Hey Kimberly100105,


I'm really sorry to hear about this. Feeling the lack of support from your mom at 6 years old.. I'm so sorry.


I can see why you'd be worried about coming out, and how you'd like to prepare before telling your mom. We have an article that might be helpful:




And here's another article on conflict resolution-- it might have some tips for your situation:




I hope these help!




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