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Its my birthday today and I threw a party, no one showed up except for a couple people. They made an excuse and left after an hour. All the other people invited just flat out said they didnt want to be with me on my birthday. I do so much for my friends and buy them gifts, but I get nothing in return. This happens to me every year. When will I learn?

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  • Digital Mentor

Hey E2379,


Thanks for coming to Community to tell us about your experience. We are here for you :)


I'm sorry to hear what happened at your birthday - how are you feeling about all of this?


With you saying that it happens every year, do they also do things that make you feel bad about yourself apart from your birthday? It sounds like you do a lot for them and they don't really appreciate it.


You could try speaking to them individually in a calm way - if you approach them as a group, it can get quite confrontational. By doing this, you can communicate how upset it makes you, and you are also letting them know that it isn't acceptable. If after this they still persist, then maybe it's time to think about distancing yourself from them?


Here is a help guide you may find useful for your situation:




I hope you find this advice useful. Let me know if not and we can figure something new out. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Hang in there! - Monsoon :)

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Happy birthday! Just to say that this has happened to me and most of the people I know so many times. I've learnt not to take it so personally -- it is never a measure of how somebody feels about you. There can be a million and one reasons why somebody hasn't been able to come - money, diary clashes, anxiety etc. etc.


With that said, friendships are about give and take and I especially love Monsoon's suggestions.


Let us know how you get on and hang in there. I understand how it feels and this feeling will pass.

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