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Giving SILENT TREATMENT is worth for your BEST FRIEND?


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He and me had been best friends since 4 months. We both had funny sides, were hilarious and have similar hobbies (video editing, CGI, VFX etc,).

We communicated on Facebook everyday and talked for hours. He clearly said that after 11am to 4pm he only chats with his close friends especially me. So I was overwhelmed with his inclusion. He said me many times that I am his best friend and he won't leave me.

Slowly he started being busy working on his youtube videos, and he gave me less attention. I argued with him for not texting me just for 5 minutes out of 24 hours. I stopped talking to him, Then he texted me long messages that he won't allow me to give up on this friendship. So he focused on me. I gave him some space too so that he can work on his stuffs.

I always initiated plans to hangout somewhere or come to my house, but everyday he gives same excuses of not meeting me. It kept on going more than month, so I stopped asking to hangout. Then I just wanted to know how hes doing? anything new in life? I felt less excitement in his conversation. Sometimes he ends the conversation by pressing THUMBS UP on FB messenger.

I indicated him that these short answers ruin our conversation and he should try to avoid it. But he kept on doing that. Until one day I said you prioritize other things and you never message me with full attention. He abandoned me without telling why is he angry.

After few days I approached him to know "hey friend, how r u doing'"and he replied "Doing my priorities". Wow this answer was vague enough to ruin my day, but I just said "you are sweet, nice and i dont wanna lose you". We became friends again.

He has massive ego. He conditions the friendship by saying "NO ARGUMENTS". I tried to compromise my issues with him. But again he started giving me silent treatment, replying me with no excitement. Ignored my messages. I finally gave up on him and didnt talk to him for a week.

I made new friends and hanged out with them, he saw those photos on FB and didnt press LIKE (otherwise he like my photos), after few more days, friends tagged me on hangouts photos, he blocked me on facebook.

WOW WAS HE REALLY MY BEST FRIEND? Was my decision right to abandon him because he abandoned me? I believe in KARMA.

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OMG Jawadsoomro they sound like a really bad friend. You cant have a friendship without 2 sides of communication and it sounds like he was only there for you when he wanted to be. That's not a friendship. It sounds like youve made the right decision!!

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  • Digital Mentor

Hey there,


Thanks for coming to Community with your story. We are here to help you through this :)


I am sorry to hear that this happened to you - how are you feeling about all of it?


From what you've told me, it sounds like your friend is playing with your emotions which is causing you distress. I have also had friends like this, and it got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. It sounds like you are on different pages when it comes to how you communicate.


Also, it sounds like he isn't mature enough yet to talk about any issues he is having. In addition, it could be that he is going through some issues of his own, hence is strange behaviour. Have you tried speaking to him about this?


All in all, I think that if he is causing you so much stress, it is probably for the best that you are no longer friends.


Here is a guide you may find useful:




I hope this advice helps and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Sending positive vibes -Monsoon :)

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