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I hate the way my friends treat me and a few of them are bystanders and dont help me. I dont know what to do and Im too scared to do anything because I have no one else.

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Hey E2379,


Thanks for coming to Community, you're not alone with this and we'd like to help.


How are your friends treating you? I'm sorry that your other friends are not helping you out when you are being treated badly as this can be really hard. Have you asked them why?


Once I have some more info I will then be able to help you some more :)


Also, here is a help guide which is aimed at those who have friends who treat them badly. This may help you in deciding if you should carry on the friendship or not:




I look forward to hearing back from you.


Hang in there-Monsoon :)


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I think sometimes people don't mean to be bystanders but they might be scared that something will happen to them next or are too busy or are just scared too in general.


Because even when some small crime happens. I hate it when people just walk past when they can see what's going on. Sometimes it would be good for a pedestrian to stand up. Like i've got harrased by youths recently and most times anyone walking past never said anything.


i also hated back at school that my friends saw me getting bullied but never helped same with my brother and that's because they were too scared too.


So sometimes unfortuanetly you'll just have to deal with things on your own. LIke try standing up or telling someone.



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