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I don't know what I am...maybe bisexual or pansexual?

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I have always liked this one of my girl friend. At first I thought it was a normal I like her as a person then she started "play" flirting with me and I was gone like full on in love with her and started dreaming about her and thinking about her inappropriately. For the record I am a female, the first time I ever had sex with someone it was an older female, then with multiple males, then non-binaries then back to males. To me I don't think gender defines who I would date or sleep with. But the major problem is that I think a lot about what people might think when they find out I'm not straight, I'm currently in a closet made of glass and sometimes have to pretend to be homophobic to fit in with the people around me. No one knows that I've been carrying this secret for a long time. Now I'm currently going into university and I think this is the time to come out and experience more of my sexuality? Or is this a bad idea? What if everyone abandons me and all what do I do then? What if I get kicked out and harassed? I think it's better I stay in the closet right? Maybe one day someone will see through it and ask me out? I don't know what to do. I don't even remember what I was typing but this is just me spilling the heavy secret that has been at the bag of my mind for like 8 years before going to bed (•‿•)





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Hey Monique,

Welcome to the DTL community - I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give support to those who reach out to us :) 

How does it feel for you after sharing your secret?

I think that in your kind of situation, it's completely normal to get caught up in wondering whether or not you'll be abandoned or harassed when you come out; revealing our identity makes us feel very vulnerable and we often fear the judgement of others which is totally understandable. I think that it's important to live authentically if you have the privilege of being able to come out, and by that, I mean living in a country where it's safe to do so and knowing that you won't be put in any danger, such as being kicked out or abused by your family; what do you think? 


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