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How come when I ask people why they dislike me they never give an answer?


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Whenever I get bullied or harassed or told to do not-so healthy things to myself, I usually ask the person, "What did I do'". Because honestly, I'd love to know why so many folks tend to gossip about me and make fun of me and tell me to kill myself and such. If there is no logical reason for their hatred then why do it? I'm confused and want to know what I can do to make up for whatever I did to become the school punching bag.

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I think it's probably because they know you've done nothing g wrong and it's hard for them to admit they r in the wrong

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Hey Xenalina,


Thanks for sharing with us ? we are here for you; you are not alone in this.


First off all, I really want you to know that nobody ever deserves be bullied and it is never your fault.


Can I ask, how does it make you feel when people say these things to you?


It is important to know that if you are being bullied, it is the attitudes of those perpetrating the bullying that need to change.


Here is a great blog post which may answer some questions that could be floating around in your mind:




Also, have you told anyone about this? If not, then do you think you could speak to someone like a friend or a teacher?


Hang in there ? we are here to help you ?.


Over and out, Monsoon!


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