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What am i??


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i feel like i’m attracted to  people regardless of gender?? like but i think i’ve had a crush on a girl but that could’ve been mistaken as like  admiration or something idk. btw i go to a catholic school so i dont think i’d have a crush on any girls there anyway. but i’m like physically attracted to girls? am i just straight? do i like girls but why don’t i have a bunch of crushes? i mean it’s not like i’m always having boy crushes but idk if i have the potential to consider a relationship with ppl other than a boy. i FEEL like if i like someone i like them? i don’t think gender is that big a deal. but i’ve never really experimented. this is hard 

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Hey there,

I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to those who reach out :)

You're right, discovering your sexuality is hard and it is often really confusing. I will say one thing though, and that is that it does get better with time, and it wont always be like this. It does sound like you've got a pretty good grip of your sexuality from what you've said though, and I'm wondering, what do you think would help you to be certain?


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