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Wanna vent abt this

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2 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

Hey sorry gotta go


Aw goodnight

2 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

Sorry I had tea

Also THEY choose your pronouns?! 


Bro if you want me to use he him and they them like you had I will

And yea thanks that would be great

And I don't mind just he him

My parents use she her which is what I definitely DON'T want lol

But ye

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5 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

I can talk about anything else but being trans just sets her off for some reason

Maybe try telling her not to talk until you’ve finished talking?

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Guys erm small issue

As you know I broke up with my gf on Friday. Right?

Well one of my friends (girl) said she was thinking  of asking this girl out. This was in art btw

I was excited for her so I asked who

She said "theres a girl with the letter a on both ends of her name"


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3 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

Also update on the post

My ex gf is now talking to me but its emotionally draining having to talk to her

Oh well

Ah, yeah I get that.

Bet it's kinda awkward lol

U ok tho?

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