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1 minute ago, Pkelly said:

Oh cool I can’t draw πŸ˜‚

I can draw some things. Other things....not so much

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1 hour ago, Alex_The_Alien said:

Oh, hey! Sorry for jumping into the conversation randomly, but I also play piano :)

I used to, but...I um, wasn't very good at it at all

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7 hours ago, Pkelly said:

It doesn’t matter if your perfect or not at least you tried!Β 

Thanks :) At least I can still play the itsy bitsy spider

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9 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

Also I'm not gonna be online as much

Gonna savour my hols

Same here. I won't be active for a week starting Tuesday

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13 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:


Hey! havent spoken to you in a while. How ard you. I read your profile + pronouns and I'm so glad your figuring yourself out

Oh hi! Yeah, it's been a while sorry :) I'm good, hru? And thanks for understanding all that stuff - apparently I can't have a mid-life crisis, so I'm just going to have a never-ending one lol

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19 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

Fair enough.ill always understand.Β  I guess I just find it easier to adapt to change.

And I'm great!Β 

Oh, I'm glad to hear it!

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On 7/22/2022 at 9:57 AM, Thisboiistrans said:

I know u are lil sis


Oh gosh I'm really not good at responding, am I? haha

Thanks big bro <3


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