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Identity changing?

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Just now, lKail said:


how are you doing on this day?

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On 5/11/2022 at 3:14 PM, lKail said:

I'm livable, wby?

my bad, I didnt answer. Im okay :)

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I did Kai when I was NB just so I felt I had a little of my birthname with me and I wasn't changing everything but Nick just fits me better because it has no trace of my birthname and I can finally have my dream name (which is Nick), also I have asked my dad numerous of times if I could get my haircut styled how I want but every time he just says the same thing "No".Β  I have no idea what to do because I can't try to transition AT ALL, because I can't get a binder cuz I lost touch with my bestie and I can't get the haircut. So yeah also I have been trying to get my grades up because SOMEHOW I am failing (kinda) 3 classes and I just have so much stress on me rn. The bestie thing? Yeah whenever I try to call her it just rings twice and goes "call rejected".Β 

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I put Nick on my moms b-day card because I don't wanna hide who I am anymore, they figured out that I am Trans and I got lectured once again. They told me that being Trans and Gay and all that is satanism, I don't believe that because if thats the kind of heaven that doesn't accept nor support, then is it really heaven? That sounds more like hell to me if I'm being honest. They yelled/lectured me for about an hour and a half, and I just really can't stand their homophobic and transphobic hurtful words. They told me its just a phase yet I know I'll still feel the same way as soon as I move out as well. I also got told that they will never call me Nick because that isn't my name and never will be. I legit CAN'T WAIT till I move out cuz as soon as I do I'm meeting my gf and if they still don't support me and try to tear me down, then I'll just not talk to em.

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