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Friend wants to…


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This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Mental Illness, Self-Harm, Suicide

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So.. uhm, my bestie wants to


do suicide, kill herself…


And I absolutely don’t want to lose her because she’s just my everything, I can’t imagine losing her😭 She also 


hurts herself (self-harm) by cutting herself or knocking on her walls (which hurts her hands, no it’s not because of anger issues)

She is tired of school and her results are not rlly good so that gives her another reason. But I have absolutely no idea what I can do, nothing helps…  She goed to a therapist but from the things I see, I don’t think it helps. And she often says things like: ‘I love you, never forget that, don’t be sad when I’m gone’ and those nights, I cry for hours because my bestie is possibly 


dead on that moment..

So I absolutely don’t know what I need to do, and I’m scared because she is like planning to do you know what next Thursday. And I’m reckless I don’t know what do do, please help me

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Hello Rose,

Thank you for sharing this with us. I have messaged you privately to continue this conversation and I hope to hear back from you soon.


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