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So your trans right? (Correct me if im wrong) 

Did you tell your parents that, or did they say that with the way you act?


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Not good? 

Have you ever just tried to have a normal conversation with them, like casually talks or what happened today or something?

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Do you have any siblings?

Are you scared to have a casual conversation with them?

Your parents or sibling?


Do you feel uncomfortable talking to them?


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Am i making your day sad by talking about this? At 6.30 in the evening do want to come back here?

It will be morning for me but its Saturday so im free

Only if you want though 

You can think about what you want to do about coming out. 

My advice is don't rush to get it out, just think about it, and take your time and when you are ready to face your parents go for it, it doesn't even have to be a few weeks later, it could be months. But what's important is if you feel comfortable about it okay?

Don't worry too much and have a great day 😊

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