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why can’t I be desirable like others ?


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hi , so I feel REALLY REALLY BAD . Yesterday I hung out with my friend because she wanted to take me out for a belated birthday dinner, I haven’t seen her in awhile and when I did I was like omg she looks so good ! everywhere we went from the train station, on the train and even the restaurant guys were staring at her . even one guy went as far as to telling her she’s pretty in Spanish meanwhile while all of this is happening I feel so bad because why can’t guys look at me or tell me I’m pretty ?? it’s not because I have glasses because she has glasses too , it’s not my weight because she’s skinny too so I don’t understand! Everytime we go out they always pay attention to her and stare at her and in my mind I’m  like “ hello? I’m here too! “ not only that but today at my job we had picture day and I completely hated my pics . I showed my mom my picture day picture thinking she would help boost my confidence since when I’m always feeling bad she reassures me but this time she just laughed 😞 and asked if I could retake my picture  like am I really that ugly? With all of this happening in one day I couldn’t help but think maybe people are lying to me when they say I’m pretty . If I was pretty why don’t guys idk hit on me , why did I never have a BOYFRIEND OR DATE back in highschool??? to make matters worse I got reminded of when I worked at a camp in June of this year and litterly everyone had flings and dates . No one bothered to try to get with me 😞  why do I have to look like this ? thank you for reading my rant if you made it to the end . I have no one to talk to so writing it out was very therapeutic 🙂 

                               - sad lonely girl

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Welcome to our community 🙂

I'm glad to hear that you found it therapeutic to write this out. I do think that writing or saying our troubles out loud can be really good as it can help us to feel like the problem has less power over us; what do you think? I'm wondering, now that you've written it out, do you have any reflections/new thoughts about the problem that you explained to us? 



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