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Stuck in a situationship?

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Not sure about the relationship I am having with a guy I am dating. We nearly talk everyday and go on actual dates with each other. We even act like a couple in public with holding hands and kissing. We both admitted that we weren't sure if we wanted to be in a relationship but we both really like each other. 

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      Hiii 🙃 so I recently started to question my sexuality and I need some advice because im low key kinda panicking and idk what to do . I love the lgbtq+ community and have many friends within it , im just stressing because idk what to do that’s all 😂 I’m in a happy relationship with a boy so the option of experimenting with other genders isn’t really possible rn obviously. But I find both boys and girls attractive and Ik I’d 100% experiment with girls at the very least . My parents are incredibly homophobic so I’d never come out to them tho . But I have amazing friends who would support me . What should I doooo please someone help x
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