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Ive read your book and i’ve really been enjoying it. When i found out about this website i was super excited and wanted to check it out. i’ve been struggling with my gender a lot recently, and it’s been very overwhelming since i’ve just been starting secondary school. i know i’m young so i’m not really expected to be thinking about my gender or experimenting with it, but ever since i have been i’ve been super confused and anxious. i think im genderfluid but im also not sure. i came out to my parents as transgender (mtf) and im not to sure how they felt about it. ive recently got my period and it’s made me feel super bad about my body. im also developing boobs which i am not happy about. i know i don’t have to have a label just yet but i don’t like not knowing how i feel. it makes me feel very anxious and stressed about my body. can you give please me some advice?

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Hey there,

Welcome 🙂 

I'm glad to hear that you have really been enjoying the book. Have you found any particular bits helpful so far? If so, feel free to share. 

I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling overwhelmed about your gender recently. I completely get what you mean about how you don't have to label, but at the same time, the difficulty that you can experience in not knowing how you feel. Your anxiety and stress is totally understandable. I think one thing that can help in this kind of situation is to have some kind of goal to work towards. I'm wondering, when you think of how you would look and what your gender identity would be, what is coming to mind? You could even think about things like pronouns, names, styles, etc., whatever comes to mind really. Try to think about what your gut feeling is and go from there as this can help to give us something to work towards and make the journey clearer. 


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    • By mar_k
      Hey everyone!
      I'm non-binary (genderfluid), and I am thinking about changing my name, because it's a very "feminine" name, at least in my country. I can't change it to a name of my language, because we don't have gender neutral names (sadly, i even checked lists and e.t.c.), so I will probably use a foreign name anyways.
      Does anyone have any cool name ideas, or any tip to find a good name that fits you?
      Note: in my country, it is not currently possible to officialy change  ones name, only  if you are trans MTF or FTM; so the name I would choose wouldn't be "eternal", it will only be used by my friends and close people.
      Have a nice day ^^
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      Hey everyone! I'm new here, don't know how it works, but i'm gonna give it a try.
      Im genderfluid, AFAB (assigned female at birth), and my pronouns change. I want to come out to my cisgender straight boyfriend, who doesn't know much about genders and pronouns, He was supportive when i came out as bisexual, but i'm not sure if he will be okay with this and i don't know how to tell him. My lgbt friend told me to not rush it and take my time, but sometimes i feel more enby or even masculine, and everytime he uses she/her pronouns i feel like trowing up (in my native language, we don't have neutral pronouns and use feminine and masculine for almost every word).
      I don't know what to do, if anyone has  any advice, I'm all ears.
    • By Ezra-
      Ive know that i was trans (transmasc) since i was 11, but recently ive been a bit confused. I identify as a trans non-binary and use he/ze/they pronouns. Ive never worried about being misgenderd, cuz i live in a coutry where a lot of the language is gender neutral (still misgendering happens, but its a lot less).  Only recently have i been confused, like when i was called someones boy best friend. It felt strange. Could it be im just not used to it?  Calling myself a boy feels wrong but calling myself a person also doesnt seem right. It might just be that ive been misgenderd up until now and its my first time being accepted. Still id like to hear someone elses thoughts on this.
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      Hey guys i dont know how to put this and  i am doing for the first time so i am sorry if i do anything wrong.
      Just a few months ago i had perfect life with awesome girlfriend and tons of friends and i was 100% sure i was straight, but we broke up and me stupid just decided that it will be best to be as asocial as possible which would not be such a big problem but it is already more than 6 months and i still can not talk to anyone no matter how hard i try and on top of that not a long time ago i started questioning my sexuality and gender too which just totaly broke me and i have no idea what to do. I will be glad for any help or advice i can get 
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      my parents are christvhans, how do i come out????
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