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I feel stuck and guilty


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First off, i know this is gonna sound so shallow and stupid, but yea, i just don’t want to make the wrong move. So my close friend introduced me to someone she just met recently online. And for days she talked to him, and talked about him to me. And if she should go for it or just friends? But, she was interested after talking for a while. Then this Tuesday night, I got to play a mobile game with him while i was at her house, and since then i started talking to him. At first it was just for the game, but then that night he just initiated the convo. I saw the look on her face that day, she looked taken aback and somewhat disappointed. But she went with it as i expected her to, because that’s how she is. And I felt and still feel like i’m stuck between should i keep talking to him or just drop it, as i kept talking to him for days (hasn’t been that long). Then my dilemma just got worse earlier at around 7 pm when i was about to go home from her house. And she told me to “be honest with her whether i like him or not or i was interested in him, it made me think, but i said idk, no. She just kept smiling playfully while asking, and didn’t even bother turning or answer when i told her “not to give me that look”. And i knew she didn’t buy it, and she thinks i am interested in him. Honestly i don’t know, like i like talking to him, but i guess we’re friends, but flirting? But i don’t like her holding grudges. She can  put up any act, but i know when something’s off.  (lol what a long story for such a short time🤦🏻‍♀️🥲🤣). 

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Hey @jd_27

Thank you for explaining what's going on for you right now; it doesn't sound shallow or stupid at all - your questions are really important.

It's a tricky situation. Do you think that this guy likes you or is he just being friendly? I completely get what you're saying about feeling like you're stuck in the middle, and I'm wondering, if you keep on speaking to the guy, what kind of impact do you feel it might have on your friendship with her? 


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