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How do I come out?


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I’m bisexual however I am terrified of coming out to my parents. My parents are old-fashioned but I don’t know if that means they are homophobic, that would make coming out to them even harder. I don’t know how to ask if they support the “community”, I’ve been hoping it would just come out naturally but it hasn’t. I need ideas on both figuring out if they are homophobic and actually coming out to them…

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Hey amy. If you want to bring up the topic casually, try playing a movie with a queer character or play music which talk about about the same. And try to take it from there. Hope my suggestion is helpful 😊

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Hey @Amy73

Welcome :). I'm a digital mentor here and I give advice and support to our members who reach out to us. 

I completely get why you feel so scared. Coming out is such a big moment and most people end up feeling really nervous and scared to tell their parents. Can I just check, with coming out, do you feel ready? It's totally okay to wait for a time where you feel more ready to do it and there really is no pressure. I'm wondering, have they ever said or done anything that makes you think they could be homophobic? I guess a way of finding out how they feel is to maybe watch an LGBTQ+ show or movie with them, like RuPaul or Love, Simon. What do you reckon?


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    • By isxyromavro
      My name is Jason. I'm a 17yo trans man, still in school. I present male online and around my friends (who I am out to), obviously dressing like a typical guy on a daily basis. I'd say I probably pass for the most part as long as you don't look at my face, but that's kind of besides the point. I'm neither out to my school nor to my parents, and I wanted to fix that.
      The thing with my parents is that they're kind of transphobic. I can't really say how transphobic, but they've definitely made comments like "This person is a man—but that's what they want you to think" or "These boys' parents force them to be women" etc. Not to mention they're extremely enbyphobic (though that doesn't exactly concern me personally as I am a binary man—it's still wrong, obviously). Despite all this, I really really want to come out to them and I know how I want to do it (giving them a gender reveal card that says "It's a boy!" before I leave on a school trip, though I'd have to make sure they realize I'm referring to myself so they don't think I'm pregnant or something???), I'm just extremely nervous and I'm not quite sure what exactly I'd want to tell them. I don't even know if it's a good idea, but I'm willing to try. The worst they could do is simply disregard it and reprimand me about it, but I know I probably wouldn't get grounded or anything like that. I really want to start medically transitioning—at the very least get more masculine clothing than the extremely limited amount I have at the moment.
      For school, I just genuinely have no clue how I'd do that. My entire class isn't exactly garbage, but I wouldn't say they're all that supportive of the LGBT community. They're the "I don't really care if you're straight or gay" kind, I feel. I don't really know how the teachers would be with this cause the vast majority of them don't show their own opinions or beliefs (as that isn't allowed for teachers to do where I live). My friend suggested I e-mail our class's main teacher, but I really don't know what I'd write and what I'd want to do after coming out to literally just one teacher. I don't think she really realizes how mortifying the idea of coming out is to me though (she's ace and her own coming out went really smoothly).
      I'm looking for advice, maybe tips and experiences from people who have already come out as non-cis to their parents/school, and just ideas of what to say to either when I do actually come out.
    • By umi
      Hey everyone! I'm new here, don't know how it works, but i'm gonna give it a try.
      Im genderfluid, AFAB (assigned female at birth), and my pronouns change. I want to come out to my cisgender straight boyfriend, who doesn't know much about genders and pronouns, He was supportive when i came out as bisexual, but i'm not sure if he will be okay with this and i don't know how to tell him. My lgbt friend told me to not rush it and take my time, but sometimes i feel more enby or even masculine, and everytime he uses she/her pronouns i feel like trowing up (in my native language, we don't have neutral pronouns and use feminine and masculine for almost every word).
      I don't know what to do, if anyone has  any advice, I'm all ears.
    • By Amory
      I have n idea how to come out to my homophobic grandparents who i live with. any tips?😢
    • By Randomgirl.
      I’ve never used this site before, so apologies if I’m doing this wrong lol. I’m really questioning my sexuality right now, and I have been seriously for a few months. I had wondered if I might be gay before, but only really because I hadn’t been able to connect with a male, and honestly just had found them kind of repulsive (no offence!). But I met this girl and I knew straight away that she was cool and I wanted to be friends with her. After seeing her a few times again it quickly turned into a fully obsessive crush. She’s amazing and I was so confused and scared at first, but now after doing a lot of thinking, I’m almost sure I’m not straight, and I don’t dislike the idea. But I still have a lot of problems to consider, like the fact she most likely doesn’t see me that way. 😕
    • By poosheen
      So I need help with coming out as bi. I am currently 13 and I want to come out to my mom. My dad is a little homophobic, but they are divorced so if I came out to her I know she wouldn't tell him.  The only people I've told are my close friends, sister, and cousin.  We've talked about LGBT+ stuff before, so I know she is ok talking about it. I feel like I'm lying to her and keep almost spilling it. How should I do it in a way that she won't freak out? 
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