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How do I come out?


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I’m bisexual however I am terrified of coming out to my parents. My parents are old-fashioned but I don’t know if that means they are homophobic, that would make coming out to them even harder. I don’t know how to ask if they support the “community”, I’ve been hoping it would just come out naturally but it hasn’t. I need ideas on both figuring out if they are homophobic and actually coming out to them…

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Hey amy. If you want to bring up the topic casually, try playing a movie with a queer character or play music which talk about about the same. And try to take it from there. Hope my suggestion is helpful 😊

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Hey @Amy73

Welcome :). I'm a digital mentor here and I give advice and support to our members who reach out to us. 

I completely get why you feel so scared. Coming out is such a big moment and most people end up feeling really nervous and scared to tell their parents. Can I just check, with coming out, do you feel ready? It's totally okay to wait for a time where you feel more ready to do it and there really is no pressure. I'm wondering, have they ever said or done anything that makes you think they could be homophobic? I guess a way of finding out how they feel is to maybe watch an LGBTQ+ show or movie with them, like RuPaul or Love, Simon. What do you reckon?


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