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I'm not sure what my sexuality is, but most of my friends have some idea of what they are. I know my pronouns are her / she, and think I am attracted to guys but all the straight ones I've met are not as nice as the gay ones. I look at boobs, yes, but only to compare them with my own because I'm self-conscious about them. I guess I'll just experiment when I'm older but I would like to know what my sexuality is now. Also, I don't see why people like sex so much. I don't want to offend people when I say that sticking my finger up someone's vagina or putting someone's penis in my mouth doesn't seem that exciting. Having a penis put up my vagina doesn't seem too bad I guess... Does that mean I'm straight? What does sexual attraction feel like?

Thanks in advance,

15 year old female.

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  • Digital Mentor

Hey KTG,

How are you? Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital mentors here, and I give advice to our members 🙂

I see that you've asked what sexual attraction feels like. I'm wondering, have you ever felt sexually attracted to someone? If so, what was that like? Also, can I ask, what is it that's making you unsure about your sexuality? It's good to talk through these things. I know that you want to know your sexuality now, but this kind of thing can take a while to figure out, and that's okay. We can't rush it and I guess we have to let nature take its course. It will get better for you, trust me. What do you reckon? 


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Dear Monsoon,

I had a crush on this one guy who was a year older than me and three grades above me. I would become nervous when I talked to him and always got excited when I saw him because he seemed really nice. When I was younger I liked a kid in my theater class. I really enjoyed spending time with him but I later learned he was gay. But I also have awkward moments with female friends that I'm not as close to as I used to be. I question my sexuality because I've never been asked out and feel like most of my friends are lgbtqia+ so why shouldn't I be. My crushes are pretty rare and last long, but my friends seem to switch every year. I don't really feel like I belong but the rainbow community seems so welcoming. Maybe I just want to be a part of it.

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Hey @KTG

Ah, okay. It's interesting that you question your sexuality because you've never been asked out and wondering why shouldn't you be because most of your friends are LGBTQIA+. If you were asked out, what would it mean for the way you think about your sexuality?Also, I'm wondering, the way that you feel about guys, have you ever felt the same towards girls? 


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      Hey guys i dont know how to put this and  i am doing for the first time so i am sorry if i do anything wrong.
      Just a few months ago i had perfect life with awesome girlfriend and tons of friends and i was 100% sure i was straight, but we broke up and me stupid just decided that it will be best to be as asocial as possible which would not be such a big problem but it is already more than 6 months and i still can not talk to anyone no matter how hard i try and on top of that not a long time ago i started questioning my sexuality and gender too which just totaly broke me and i have no idea what to do. I will be glad for any help or advice i can get 
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