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I think I am being catfished by a member of BTS

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Hi, I have had a supposed member of BTS reach out to me at first it was funny, he wanted to thank me for being a fan, and then he had me go onto Kakao and continued to talk, I played along, I wanted to see what was going to happen as I have had imposters reach out to me in the past via instagram.

Well now he says he can not send me pictures or video chat me as it is against his contract with his company, he is asking me to come to Korea as he wants to have a relationship with me, it has only been 2 weeks and all the sudden he is head over heels in love with me,  I really think I am being catfished if you were me what would you do? I have not given him any money or any personal information.

Thank you

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  • Digital Mentor

Hey @Gailmg

Welcome to our community. Yeah, not being able to send pictures is one of the classic signs of a catfish. I would block them as it is likely to be a catfish and meeting up with them will put you at risk. I'm glad to hear that you have not given any money or personal information too. What do you think you will do? 


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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hi @Gailmg,

Just wanted to add on to the awesome advice given to you by @Monsoon. I work a lot with contracts behind the scenes here at DTL and with a lot of our celebrity/influencer ambassadors. I can confidently say that I have never heard of a management company banning talent from taking photos/having video calls in their person life, they wouldn't be able to impose something like that even if they wanted to. Fair to say that the person you're speaking to most definitely is a catfish.

If you're unsure, you could always ask them to like one of your photos or message you from their official account? Although I suspect they will have another excuse as to why they can't do that.

- Harper 🔍


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