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Interests are kicking in!

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Ok, Ive spent ages wanting something that I'm good at and can consider 'my thing' and I always got slightly jealous of my sisters amazing art and sewing, but I think I have found my hobbies and interests! Here they are:

Graphic designing (might be a job when Im older)


Music making

Story making


What do you peeps of the internet enjoy doing???

I'd rlly like to know and if anyone shares my interests I would like to geek out about them with someone lol


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1 hour ago, Blondie said:

Hey @MoonieOwl you sound super creative! I wish I could sing but can definitely relate to your sister's sewing - it's so rewarding!

titus andromedon singing GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I'm sure you can sing, all you need is a song you like and somewhere to sing without feeling awkward and then boom! you don't have to be a good singer to sing ( I know Im not the best) you just need to enjoy what you do!

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14 hours ago, Lil Jiko said:

Here are my interests:


Digital painting (especially software gore cause it looks cool.)


Awesome! Are you watching the taekwondo in the olympics?

I really want to do digital art but can never get into it, could you suggest programs you use or tips in general?


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Hi, Max.

I'm not planning on watching taekwondo in the Olympics this year because I'm focusing on personal mental health issues.

The program I use for digital art is Clip Art Studio. Any version will do, but it costs money.  The three art programs are free online, but  you'll have to pay to download.

Kleki is a free online art program that I used once to paint a jaguar.  Sketchpad.io is very basic, free online but it costs $4.99 to download (in U.S. dollars). Finally, there's Krita, which is like Clip Art Studio (professional, clean layout) except it's FREE to download! Never used the art program before, but I heard it's good.

I am a beginner at digital art, too, and all the tips I get are from Youtube or Clip Art Studio tutorials on the official website. What kind of digital art do you want to do, Max? I focus on 2D anime-esque art with some collage.

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