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I don't really know what to title this

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Hi, my friend is bi but I'm not supposed to know and I want to talk to them because I am too but if I say anything she will know our other friend told me and it might create tension. I also don't have a direct way of contacting them other than school so I am stuck on what to do as she is the only person I know who is also bisexual.


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Hey @MoonieOwl

Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital mentors here andย I giveย support to those who reach out to us.ย 

Thanks for coming to us about this. I think that you could still talk to them, but do it in a way which doesn't give away that you know about their sexuality. Maybe if you come out to them, they might also feel comfortable enough to tellย you that they're bi and you could then go from there?ย 


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I will try to find a way to contact her first so that I will be able to say it without the risk of someone overhearing and then I hope it will go well after that but thanks for the advice!


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