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Should I stop trolling?


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Thank you for your honesty and bringing it here. It's an interesting one for sure. What do you think you should do?


Being playful is very different to being rude, cruel or mean all of which i think are more typical trolling behaviours. When you say annoying can you give examples?


I really like the fact you are aware of your behaviour and stopping to question whether this is ok. it can be uncomfortable to do but needed and something we should all be learning to do a bit more.


What do you guys think?



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Hey Rhydian,


How are you doing? Have you thought any more about whether you should stop or maybe you have?


Whatever you are up to I appreciate your honesty and awareness around it all.


-Peach311 ??

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To me, trolling is not the best way to go about when making or being in a forum because other people may be annoyed of it and consider any of your real responses as trolls or not credible.


I think you should address the forum about your trolling to see their response. If people don't mind then your trolling is not that bad, but should be limited to a degree. If people do mind then you should stop trolling.

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