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Have your friend or family betrayed you? how and why?


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hi my friend want to get some answers about how this dude treated her in high school


here's my friend's message.


heres my story:



i sent my high school mate Minho this letter




To Minho: hey when i first met you in 2003, i didnt know that i was cussing at you in Korean. i didnt know what shirr baa was i thought it was a funny word to make u laugh. You didn't care if I found out or not. WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THAT?!?! you shouldve just told me! you said nothing and you just didnt want to tell me, LIAR!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you telling other people what i said to u?! They're not me! if you get mad at me over something, just tell me next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you acted like i knew what shir baa was. you just think im stupid. thx for not telling mute mouth. you were just waiting for me to find out. I cant believe you didnt tell me that!!!!!! That was so ridiculous when you didnt tell me that!!!!!!! Thats problably the reason you u kept telling me to stop bothering you and kept saying "f*** you" IM NOT STUPID!!!!!! YOU SHOULD'VE TOLD ME RIGHT AWAY!!!! DONT JUST IGNORE ME AND WAIT FOR ME TO FIND OUT AND FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!




To Minho: Lets how u would like it if I do that to you and see how long you would find out, leave you hanging like that and see if you figure it out why did I get angry with you over something I didnt tell you about. lets see how long to be left hanging for a long time.*** Slams door on Minho with a very loud bang and walks away




i just found out on March 5th that morning and he left me hanging all confused for 17 years. I hate it when people get mad at me out of nowhere and not tell me about and leave me hanging and confused for a long time. they don't care if I found out or not. They just wait for me figure it out myself. they should come up to me and tell me about it instead of telling everyone what i said or did to them. I thought Minho was acting crazy or somethin. He though i was cussing at him in Korean. sshi bbal=씨빨=F*** you. i cant believe he didnt tell me that! so rude!




Proverbs 10:18 says hiding hatred makes you a liar and slandering others makes you a fool.




he doesnt sound like a real Christian to me. He sounds like a hypocrite




idk if I ever want to see his face ever again because he shouldve told me and explained it to me. not go around telling everyone what I said to him or did to him. he's such a liar!!!!!




hiding hatred for long time. pretending to be nice to me.


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Hey @victorious86


Thanks for posting this for your friend; could they join our community so we can talk to them directly? From what she included in the message, am I right in thinking that she said the cuss word in Korean not knowing what it means and then Minho told people about this thinking your friend knew exactly what it meant? I can see why your friend is annoyed, but then again, at the same time, I know that when some people are offended, they talk about it to other people rather than the person who offended them, usually because they don't want the confrontation. It's hard to know exactly what went on in Minho's mind and it might be helpful for your friend to just clear the air with them. Btw, what do you think about the situation?


-Monsoon :)

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