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How does everyone deal with Cyberbullying? 💻📲😬

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I think you need to put it in perspective and think that sometimes people are only showing off and trying to appear cool in front of others. You can report people to sites like Facebook if they are being offensive and should unfriend them or block them. Focus on the nice friendly people and how lovely they are and they will far outweigh the mean ones. Also other people see their behaviour and.might not say anything but will not be impressed by it if you get drawn jnto arguments you look like you are doing something to deserve it. If you don't react people can clearly see who the hater is and won't think it takes 2 to tango and you're partly to blame.. bringing it on yourself.

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I hate trolls so much. why are they are bothering to put so much hate into the world. If you wouldn't say it someones face, do not say behind a screen it is cowardly and pathetic. I try and ignore it the usual.


I hate being told to that are unhappy people, i mean they might be but that doesn't really help take the sting out of their meanness.


One thing is for sure more needs to be done as i think it is only get worse.



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I totally agree with what you're saying Louise,


For me, I would say that the best thing to do for yourself would be to block them so that you cannot see the mean or hurtful posts. To help everyone or other potential victims of cyberbullying by the same person or people would be to report them so that they will not pose as a threat or an issue anymore. Ignoring them and closing the app or website is a good thing to do as well, but it can be really difficult to do that multiple times a day.


Unfortunately, there are some ways to get around these things, but those are some ways to help and deal with cyberbullying.


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